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Great Water! Great Life!


Drinking Melané Water is the easiest way to help your body maintain its essential alkaline pH & optimal health.


The Melané Portable

Alkaline Water Ionizer

transforms regular tap water into great tasting, super hydrating, ionized, and alkalized water, nutrient rich in minerals and anti-oxidants. Try it for yourself and feel the difference.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.






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Why drink alkaline water?




“Alkaline Antioxidant Water can help get rid of pain, improve your digestive system, make migraines disappear, Give you more energy, reduce your blood sugar, detoxify your body, improve your mental clarity, help get rid of gout, help with arthritis, help you lose weight, improve your heart functions, eliminate arthritis pain, help decrease your reliance on medications.” - Dr. Dave Lesman

Did you know that 75% of Americans

are chronically dehydrated?



“Water composes around 60% of your body weight. Nearly every system of your body needs it to function properly, and yet, many of us are not getting enough on a daily basis. Dehydration can easily sneak up on you and trigger serious, even life-threatening medical conditions.” - Dr. Mehmut Oz

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Everyone's talking about the incredibly fresh taste of MelanÉ Water. MelanÉ uses a proprietary blend of natural minerals to filter the water and remove contaminants.  The result is a delicious water that closely mimics nature's own healthiest drinking waters.

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What makes Melané water

taste so delicious?


Yes.  Ionized water keeps the skin from drying up. It detoxifies the skin, making it smoother. By keeping the pH level right, food nutrients are absorbed more effectively. Because nutrients are taken easily, the skin can become younger looking. Another by-product of ionized water is it helps you lose weight. All of this combined can make you healthier and feel rejuvenated.

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Will  Melané water really

make me look younger?